Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We made a decision
Dave's employer El Paso oil and gas is closing their Denver office. We were given the choice to follow the company and move to Huston or to find a new job here in Denver. It has been an interesting week weighing the options but we have decided to try and find a new job here in Denver. All prayers are appreciated. And if anyone knows of a geotech job let us know:)

We took a short trip over to Utah. We got to show Angelina BYU and temple square and got to hang out with Dave's sister and my siblings. It was nice

Charley loved it when Hailey sprayed water into her mouth. It was really cute.

Jensen got to hang out with his buddy Sammy. They rocked it with their transformers.

Playing cranium with my family

On temple square

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Aqualung said...

Yeah for smart decisions!!! Prayer rolls in the temple really do work miracles. Wish we could have been with you on the trip to Utah.