Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January catch up
One of our exchange students moved next door. Our two teenage "only child" exchange students have decided they can be better friends with a little space. We are sad to see her go. It is crazy after just a few months in our house how much she felt like family. We are glad Angelina is still her she is a big blessing. This is Marti up on the table cutting out a pattern of a sweater vest she sewed for a friend. Angelina and I went to my friend Emily's Twilight party. I felt a little dumb not knowing any of the answers to the games but it was fun to get out and watch a movie with girls.
On the first Snow day of this school year we bundled the the kids up and went sledding.

The best thing to do as a family activity in the middle of winter- We reserved a racquetball court over at the rec center and played kickball and just generally had fun throwing/kicking and passing balls.

Don has a wedding reception here in Colorado so we got to hang out with my grandparents, Don and Austin( who goes into the Marines in April)


Brown Family said...

i like dave's shaved head...looks good!

Aqualung said...

You have to invite us next time you play kickball at the rec center. Lily had the best line ever at Don's reception....looking at Don in his military uniform, with princess's on her mind asked if he was "the Prince".