Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!
I made three posts today so scroll down to catch up. We made an awesome gingerbread house with my mom my two exchange students plus a friend. I love Gingerbread houses. The kids loved the candy.
The girls went to an asian market and came home all fired up to make real chinese food we ate egg rolls for three days straight. they were awesome.

Christmas eve dinner. We showed up at my parents house only to find their stove was broken. You gotta love pictures ability to freeze a moment in time( weather or not it is worth remembering is a different subject)

After having a PlayStation for 2 years and treating it only as a blue ray player my parents finally bought a game. Here are my parents singing . And me and Dave rockin' the dancing.

Christmas morning. Lily got all 7 of the Disney princesses.
And a horse. She was in princess heaven

Jensen got guess what? TRAINS!

The girls makin' Christmas breakfast
Lily got her presents then went down to the fire stripped her own clothes off then began stripping her barbies. Oh I love this girl.

Charley was the little scavenger. She just went around with her new walking skills picking up interesting things to eat. She loved it.
Grandma and Grandpa McDonald got the kids art kits. Jensen pulls his out at least three times a day.

Lily lives the scissors and globs of glue.

It was a "super" Christmas


Brittanie said...

I love how Lily is just hanging out in her panties. Erin hates being naked. lol

Looks like a great Christmas!

Heidi said...

What a fun Christmas!! I can't believe how quickly your kids are growing up. When are you going to be out this way, it's been far too long since I've seen you...

Holly said...

Danica! I LOVE your family. Your kids are hilarious--I hope Jed grows up to be like Jensen. I'm glad to see you guys are doing so well.

Ellis Family said...

It was SO good to talk to you today. Lets catch up more often. I need some girl lessons from you.