Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy early birthday Dave.
Dave's Birthday is on the 22nd so it kind of gets shuffled in with Thanksgiving. So Dave had a party for himself. He got a couple of friends together and had a computer game LAN party.

Dave playing soccer with the kids.

And a vid of Jensen talking about one of his favorite subjects- Going to Sammy's house, in Utah.


Celeste said...

I love Jensens map- so accurate! Just like his dad

Chamy said...

A computer party! I think our husbands could be friends ;)

b-ryce said...

That is awesome! We just watched that together. Very cute. We miss you to little JJ :) Sam laughed when he saw jensen.

Tracy Barrand said...

Oh it will really be the celestial kingdom when all the cousins can play together. :) Jensen has a really logical mind.