Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jensen!

JJ turned three on Saturday we had a little get together for his Birthday. He has gone around the last week saying to everyone. "Hi, I'm Jensen I'm three. Happy Birthday." Its fun. I made him a Lightning McQueen Mater ice cream cake. And he got books, clothes, Spiderman stuff and a tow truck. He was in little boy heaven.

Here are some other pics of the kids playing. We got a sand box. Both kids love it. LILY IS STILL EATING SAND/DIRT! EVERY SINGLE TIME WE GO OUTSIDE. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!
Trains are still a favorite for JJ especially when you have dental floss to pull things with:)


~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENSEN! I can 't believe how big Lily is! Great job on the cake! & What a GREAT idea for a sandbox!

Anna said...

Happy birthday Jensen! My goodness, I can't believe he's three. How are you feeling with a wee one on the way and two kiddies?? You're kids are way cute... even if Lilly is eating dirt, she sure looks cute in that sandbox.

Aqualung said...

Does Lily also like ground beef? I'm sure you won't miss the sand she eats, there's more at Home Depot. I think JJ has trained her to do the dirt thing so he gets more ice cream cake. He will be a fun 3 year old.

b-ryce said...

LOL, Lilly is so funny! Tell Jensen happy b day. We miss you guys!