Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What is "chipotle"? Who knows but apparently it is the biggest thing since sliced bread. I just watched 5 commercials back to back of different resturants all advertising some version of "the chipotle". From McDonalds to Chilis to a resturant by the same name its a sauce, a spice, a pepper, and a brand of burrito. Has this spice recently come to the market? I can picture a sweaty foreigner standing in a dark alley next to a buro of some type ladden with "the goods" making shady deals with a fat cowboy with a giant mustashe. I wonder if a company did some faulty marketing research and performed a blind taste test with all foods containing this "chipolte". Now they can sell their research to a dozen resturants with statments of; "60% of people perfer their "chipolte" in sauce form" or "33% of people do not not like 'chipolte'." I sit on a couch and view commercials between times of actual work and at a minimum one chipolte commercial per break I now know it exists but what it really is I have my theories, but the naked chef prevents me from testing them.

Now on to the real info. I'm back in the grand town of Sterling, Colorado. A boom town of resturants, farms, a train depot and a single oil well to the north. It's a shallow well, drilling only to about 5000' but we will drill horizontally another 1000'. Its a tricky buisness and I am not the only one without a ton of experience.

I recently learned the secret to having respect, expecially in a dirty job......BE CLEAN. I try to stay neat and clean, I wash up after I get my hands and arms muddy following a sample catch so whenever I stand somewhere just looking up at the rig; rig hands, technicians, drillers and others just sidle up and chat with me about whats going to happen next, problems they've had and where they like to go to get drunk. I usually just stay quiet and smile as they talk and its not till close to the end of the conversation that they learn that I'm just an intern with the mudlogging company.
This maybe my last job and then I finally go back home for the fall semester of school. I'll keep you guys posted about what will happen.


Mikidees said...

I love the naked chef! For those who don't know and just think I am wishing for my husband. The naked chef is Dave's ulcer:)

Eric said...

Big Dave Woot Woot!

Sorry to hear you couldn't make it to my wedding tomorrow, but considering you've got a family way out west, it's completely understandable. My brother Marc directed me here - it's great to see what you're up to. Anyways, I'm sure I'll talk to you later at some point or another.

mark said...

Loved your comments about "chipotle", you're a funny guy Dave and I really enjoy your sense of humor.

Jessica Nguyen said...

I think Chipotle is the new method the government is using for mind control. That's why it's being sold in every restaurant.

See, if we eat enough chipotle then when we hear about the unconstitutional prying made by the government into our personal lives, we'll be like, "eh, so what? I need more Chipotle!"

Stay strong!