Thursday, July 26, 2007


So I'm on a rig north of Meeker CO, I just got up early(up at 12:30 pm is early- I work from 4pm to 4am), and I am currently doing laundry. That sounds like a P-Day. The rig is called Grey Wolf 520 and we are drilling for natural gas other then my own. So the first big mistake I made was on last saturday. My job is two fold. Monitor gas and every 30 feet get a sample of the mud(then clean the mud; then identify the tiny rock fragments that are left over from the mud).

I check gas and wash mud. Last Saturday the gas chromatagraph just froze up at a certain amount and stayed there so I tryed to fix it. What I ended up doing was accidentally clearing the presets that allowed the machine to know which gas was which, I.E. butane, ethane, propane, methane, and CO2. I went to my lead who was sleeping and knocked on the door 3 times and he was fast asleep. I didn't want to make him mad so I went back and restarted the machine and still couldn't fix it. During this time we are losing data. I ran back and tried to wake him up by knocking and still no effect on his slumber. Finally 2 hours later when his shift starts he comes in and I am till franticly trying to fix the machine. I could tell he was upset. He told me that this was one of the situations were you your lead up or loose your job.

He was able to recalibrate the machine another hour later. So I lost 3.5 hours of data or about 100 feet. Luckily they did no flares(they pump the excess "anes" to a pit and light it on fire) and no one died of CO2 poisoning.

Three days later I'm talking with the company man and he asks who didn't know the bathroom wasn't hooked up in the trailer. That was me, good thing I only number 2'ed once. You see we have a trailer that holds all of our equipment and office. We sleep in a camp that is made up of four single wides all connected together. It has a cafeteria, bathrooms, showers, a day room with satellite tv, and laundry facilities. The work/office has a bunk bed in it and a bathroom with a shower. No one said anything about it and I ran a practice flush to see if it worked. Lo and behold it flushed, obviously it works. So I've been using the bathroom for 3 days and my stuff has just been landing in the dirt next to the trailer. Luck for me last night had 3 big heavy rain showers and all the evidence of my indiscresions had been washed away.

So becuase we have this special gas chromatagraph we have to stay on site after the drilling, so my two fold job is now one fold, stare at a computer monitor watching the gas readings. We have to wait for them to log the well, wipe the well and case the well. The company Schlumburger(pronounced schlum - bur - jay, not schlum - burger) came to log the well. They attach a string of sensors to the drill pipe and run it back down the hole to test for abunch of things such as; resistivity and radioactivity, among others I don't understand. They started their tests this morning at 4 am, then their pump broke, now they are waiting on a replacement from Vernal, Ut. This pushes back the hole wiping(that was a great pun I had to add it) which is just them sending the pipe all the way back down the hole and circulating the mud to condition and clean the hole, which in turn pushes back casing the hole(which is where they put cement and a heavy permenant pipe into the hole to channel the gas to the surface). This job was supposed to finish last Wensday but may go till Sunday at the best of circumstances.

So thats life at the rig. Last note the cafateria ladies are so nice and always make sure I get extra prime rib and mashed potatoes. Thats just my way of saying that the food is great here.

I tryed to find a picture of the Lunch Lady Land Farley so this is the next best thing.


Tracy Barrand said...

Oh, my gosh, your job is so dangerous. I'm so thankful that nothing blew up.
And I'm always thankful for rain too :)

Celeste and Brad said...

I always hate the learning curve at a new job. In your case, with the toliet problem I wouldn't really call it a learning curve....mmmm.. what to call it.....mmmmm

mark said...

When I worked for Global Crossing, I was trying to close a huge sale with Schlumburger and they went with some else, so I for one am glad you left a deposit near their trailer. Good work, except the wrong people got the message.