Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jensen turned one yesterday and we had a little party for him. A bunch of people from the block came over and gave Jensen some cool toys and a swimming suit! I have been very guarded in giving Jensen sugar but the gloves came off on his birthday.

He was confused about what everyone was singing about and the fire on his highchair tray.
But he soon found the spirit of the occasion and found he liked his cupcake so much two handing it wasn't enough he had to go in with his face too.

He loved the cupcake and we loved the sugar buzz he was on for the rest of the day.Oh, and I let him have some cupcake batter too. I think he likes chocolate.


b-ryce said...

Happy b-day Jensen!

Tracy Barrand said...

Jensen, you are the coolest cupcake eater in the world. I'm going to bend down and stick my face in next time I eat a cupcake, just like you!