Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jensen encountered stairs for the first time and without blinking twice he started climbing. He did amazingly well. He made it about halfway up before he lost his balance and I caught him. We are so proud of our little wall crawler.


I was sewing today to find two little eyes peeking up at me. Jensen is so curious he has to be in the middle of everything, watching everything , touching everything, and sticking as much in his mouth as possible.

See I can help mom!


Celeste and Brad said...

We might move into a place with two stories, so Jensen will get in lots of practice when you come visit us!

Anonymous said...

Hey Danica! Jensen is adorable, and he looks so happy! I sent you a letter a couple weeks ago...did you get it? I hope to hear from you soon!

Mikidees said...

I'm so glad you contacted me. Yes I got your letter. Congrats on getting married! I cant find your letter so I cant find your phone number. I'll call your parents and get it!