Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jensen has learned to stand up and boy is it trouble. He pulls himself up on everything, passers-by, chairs, pant legs boxes and THE RADIATOR! It is only hot half the time so it is hard for him to remember this is not the best object to stand up on. He will learn- eventually. Dave LOVES it when Jensen gets a nice firm grip on Dave's leg/ arm hair and twists as he pulls himself up. Jensen loves his dad:)

Our whole family lucked out when our next door neighbors moved in. I get to hang out with Mandy and have adult conversations during the day. Dave gets to play video games with Ty, and Jensen gets to play with Ivan. Ivan is two months younger so Jensen ends up unintentionally being the bully. He just likes touching his friends face so much he doesnt realize he is gouging Ivan's eyes. Ivan seems to still like Jensen despite the eye mutilation.

Jensen stuck under the laundry basket.


Celeste and Brad said...

Jensen is going to be so handsome!!!
With the new pictures, I figure that Dad finally sent your camera?( or Mom)

Tracy Barrand MA LPC said...

Ivan is a truck! I thought tiana had big cheeks until I saw him. What a cutie. I think Jensen may have JDHD. (Jensen's Dilligent Hyper Drive) My that boy is a wild one. Too bad you guys have radiators. How old is your apt bldg? 1902?